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Our solution is to create simple, jargon-free advice, with a leading expert. Whether clients are going through a TAX, VAT, Company Law & Corporate
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What we do

FASTCLASS provides affordable and clear corporate legal advice since 2010 in bangladesh, with jargon-free advice delivered by leading experts, for various corporate legal issues. The company helps professionals save time and increase productivity by answering repetitive questions accurately and instantly, and by creating bespoke solutions through embedding legal data into existing platforms.


Company / Business Registrations

Fastclass offers Company/Business Registrations services in Bangladesh, helping individuals and organizations with the registration process, enabling them to start their businesses legally and hassle-free.


Enterprise Legal Management

Fastclass offers a complete suite of Enterprise Legal Management services in Bangladesh, from tax litigation and co-founders/directors agreements to employment contracts and policies, stock options, and due diligence. These services ensure that businesses comply with the legal requirements and minimize risks associated with legal matters.


Company Law Services

Fastclass offers a comprehensive range of Company Law Services in Bangladesh, including issues such as issuance of shares, company annual reports, transfer of shares, changes in directorship, increase of authorized/paid-up capital, amendment of company objects, and company annual return filing. These services ensure that businesses comply with legal requirements and manage their operations effectively.


Tax & VAT

Fastclass offers reliable and efficient Tax & VAT Services in Bangladesh, providing assistance with tax registration, preparation, and filing of returns, along with VAT registration, maintenance of records, and filing of VAT returns. These services ensure that businesses meet their tax obligations and comply with the legal requirements.


Trademark & Copyright

Fastclass is a leading provider of intellectual property services in Bangladesh. Their services include trademark registration, trademark objection, copyright registration, patent registration, and logo registration. They help clients protect their intellectual property assets through efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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- All kinds of deeds & Agreement

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- Membership of Trade body
- Local Trade License
- PF Registration/ Recognition
- Exemption Certificate
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